Monday, June 4, 2012

Jewelry Clean-up

I have customers ask me all the time...
"What is the best way to clean my jewelry?" 

So here is my advice:
1) You need to bathe, but your jewelry does not.  Take it off before you shower/bath.

2) Keep your jewelry stored in a clean, dry place. 
Your bathroom sees a great deal of steam (which causes your fine metal to tarnish)
so somewhere outside the bathroom is best for storage.

3) Clean and polish when needed. 

I found this cleaning solution the other day at the jewelry department at Walmart.
(For the record, I prefer Target over Walmart anyday, but our local store was out of jewelry cleaners)
It was super cheap...$10...comes with a cleaner (tray and brush)
and two polishing cloths (one silver/ one gold).
I love the dip tray because is literally mess-free.  And the brush helps get into small, tight crevices. 
It's a very easy to use kit.  Make sure to follow the step by step directions
and USE LUKEWARM WATER to rinse after cleaning. 
(You don't want the cleaner to stay on your metals.) 

Here is a pair of my handcrafted Triple Hoop Earrings that were in need of some attention:
Here is my mother-of-pearl wire wrapped ring that could use some love:

This is my personalized Mother's Domed Necklace that has seen better days:

I hope these tips help!