About Me

There are few childhood memories I posses that don't involve coloring, cutting, twisting, and assembling.  A new box of Crayola crayons was a sight that brought great joy every time!  When it came time to decide what to study in college, it was a conversation with my Grandma Nellie that sealed my fate.  She told me that God had given me the gift of artistry and that He intended for me to use it.  So off I went to study Fine Art in hopes of becoming a teacher.

I am a mother to three beautifully energetic children.  They join my husband as my cheerleading squad, inspiration, support staff, and critics.  The past thirteen years have found me in a Fine Arts classroom for the public school systems int he Greater Lafayette area.  Recently I became a stay at home mom and wanted to find a way to express my creativity.  My jewelry making hobby then turned into a small business and I have been thankful everyday for it's blessings.

The creation of my jewelry pieces started when a friend asked if I could recreate a piece she found in a boutique.  And so began my love for designing, creating, twisting, and bending metal with beads.