Life is what you make it

I never intended on making jewelry design a business. I was quite content with teaching art classes by day and making my own jewelry at night. That all ended when my school corporation was forced to trim their budget.....and unemployment fell into my lap.

In the beginning I was very content just being a SAHM. My hands became busy with housework instead of artwork and I found myself walking on the side of craziness. And no family wants to come home to a crazed out momasita! So my hubby encouraged me to take my twisting, bending, beading hobby and turn it into a business.

It started out on FB. I made a site where I published my artwork. I remember when I got 25 fans and was soooo excited (even though they were all family and friends whom I 'asked' to join)! Soon I started posting pics of my jewelry creations. And grew. I saw 100 fans... And then 200... I began taking orders from friends who then shared my creations with their friends. In two years I gained over 600 fans and made my little hobby a full dose small business with an accountant and everything!

I now send my youngest to daycare two days a week and occassionaly score a 'grandma visit' one day so that I can work on orders. I have to admit that sending my little guy to daycare was NOT my idea, believe it or not. I completely thought I could handle my orders during nap time. It was my hubby that suggested it and every Tuesday and Friday I feel such gratitude for his suggestion. It's my 'work time'...and from 9-430 I bust my bum to get as much done as possible so that I can put on my mommy hat for the rest of the evening.

So there you have it. Unemployment led to this endeavor. And everyday I'm thankful for it. Someday the phone may ring with a possibility to teach young minds again, but in the meantime I'm planning to love every minute of this journey.

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