Monday, April 30, 2012

What you see if what you get

Customers are always saying:
"This piece looks so better than the picture!"

There are two ways I take this.....
a) I'm thrilled they are happy with the piece!
b) What the heck did I do wrong with the photograph???

Recently I spent a good week researching, studying, comparing, and experimenting jewelry photographs.  I even dreamt about it.   Article after article referred to using white as a background.  I hate white.  Hate it.  Except on bedsheets and towels.  I'm a color girl.  I need color.  It makes me happy.  White does not.  So I began waging a war with my camera.  I was determined to make this work. 

One day, after my eyes were stinging and my patience was fried, I told my CFO (aka my hubby) that I needed to fork out invest in a macro lens for my camera.  Just a small $500 purchase.  I'm not sure he spoke coherently for a few minutes before I could make out something about 'finding a plan B'. 

My head was swimming with information and I could no longer think clearly.  I cautiously approached our local camera shop where I was certain they would convince me to unload my savings on equipment.  I.  Was.  Shocked.  After a very information conversation with a salesperson, I walked out with a $20 lens hood and loads of easy and cheap techniques.  No $500 lens.  No $70 light box.  

Hopefully now my customers will feel like what they see if what they get. 

You can find this particular pair on my Etsy site!

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