Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Project Redo

This jewelry endevor has given me many opportunities that I will cherish. 
A necklace created for a new mom, a bracelet designed by friends for a cancer survivor, a bracelet from a husband for his wife to honor their family....all some of my top favorites.

But recently I was asked to take an existing bracelet and give it a redo. 
And it easily made the top five favorite creations.
This bracelet was a gift honoring her children.  It was beautiful and simple.  But the customer wanted to add some honor to it as well as funk-tify it a bit.  And THAT was right up my alley.

With a little designing here and consultation there....shaaa-zaaaam!

   ....anniversary and pearl....                .....turquoise briolette.....

                   ....children.....                        ...birthstones and stamped disc...

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