Sunday, July 1, 2012

Simple and Versatile

     I would definitely not think of myself as a fashion forward gal.  Shoot, I'm thankful for days when I can style my hair and add a dab of makeup (major bonus if it's done in peace and quiet).  I go for comfort.  And if some sort of style falls into that comfort, then I give myself a pat-on-the-back and make sure to make some sort of public appearance outside the house.  So some days I find it humorous that I design and create jewelry because I literally wear the same three earrings and two necklaces throughout the week. 

     Nothing crazy or funky.  In fact they are very simple.  And versatile.

     So while browsing Pinterest one evening, I came across a pin that had these great fashionable leather wrapped bracelets.   The incredible site Rings&Things showed a great tutorial. 

     And... well... I was addicted. So many reasons to love these popular bracelets, but my numero uno reason is because they are simple. And versatile.  They go with everything! You can wear them solo, stack them, and my favorite....personalize them with handstamped discs.  Seriously.  They go with yoga pants or the little black dress.  So incredibly comfortable. 

Availble on Etsy
Available on Etsy

And then I broke into my bead stash and got a little crazy...
Topaz Czech single wrap (not yet listed on Etsy)
Blue-Green single wrap (not yet listed on Etsy)

I even took this project on a recent vacation and sat on the floor of our cabin
while the kids played the game of LIFE...
Double wrap Czech crystals

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